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About London Taxidermy Academy

The London Taxidermy Academy is the capital's first home of taxidermy workshops as featured in a wide range of publications.

Founded in 2010, we started simply with bird taxidermy workshops taught upon request. The early (and quickly addicted) attendees pressed for new workshops to be added to our ever-growing schedule and we then opened to the public due to popular demand.

The workshops we offer are exciting, well organised and having taught over 1,000 students in our first 2 years alone we have finely tuned the proven industry techniques to teach beginners and those at a more advanced level.

Our aim is to instruct to the highest standard taking the time with each student individually to ensure you are happy with your mounted specimen and have achieved excellent results.

With patient, professionally trained tutors, we remain at the forefront of taxidermy workshops in the city today. The team involved in teaching our courses are not accredited taxidermists, but enthusiasts trained by professionals within the industry and dedicated members of the UK Guild of Taxidermists. Our tutors produce taxidermy for professional means within various creative industries.

What do we offer?

We offer taxidermy workshops of various durations designed to teach you the basic taxidermy techniques required to skin, flesh, preserve and mount a specimen. You will learn the basics of the fine art of taxidermy in our start to finish, no experience necessary, hands-on workshops and leave with your own mounted, finished piece.

Workshops include:

  • Specimen
  • Instructions
  • All materials & supplies

Please remember to source suitable packaging to take your mounted work home. If you require approximate measurements, just let us know.

Workshops do not include:

  • Props and miniature outfits (feel free to bring your own)
  • Refreshments other than coffee, tea and water

Where time permits, tea and coffee is included during the workshop with additional refreshments (drinks and light snacks) available to purchase throughout.

For intermediate or advanced students/techniques we recommend booking a Private Workshop.

In addition we offer a range of Gift Certificates and Gift Workshops.  


2 Day Weekend Workshops

Weekend Workshop 10am-5pm (approx.); 1st & 3rd weekend of each month. This workshop is designed for large sized  specimen, including:

  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • As well as many other seasonal large sized specimen, see store for details
  • Fox* Workshops (by arrangement) from £500. Fox workshops run over two consecutive weekends.
4 Hour Workshops

Evening Workshop, 5:30pm-9:30pm (approx.); 1st & 2nd Monday of each month
Weekend workshop, 2pm-6pm (approx.); last Sunday of each month. This workshop is designed for small sized specimen, including: 

  • Mice 
  • Gerbils
  • As well as many other seasonal small sized specimen, see store for details

Perfect class as an introduction to the art of taxidermy.

4.5 Hour Workshops

Evening Workshop, 5pm-9:30pm (approx.); 1st Tuesday of each month. This workshop is designed for medium sized specimen, including:

  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rats
  • Moles
  • As well as many other seasonal medium sized specimen, see store for details

Perfect class as an introduction to the art of taxidermy.

3 Hour Workshops

Weekend workshop, 3pm-6pm (approx.); last Saturday of each month
From July 2014: Weekend workshop, 10am-1pm (approx.); last Sunday of each month. This workshop is designed for insect preservation. 

  • 10 Butterflies/Moths (mixed sizes and colours) Preservation Workshop from
  • Display frame sold separately 

Everything you need to know about mounting and creating display cases and decorative boxes of butterflies, moths or giant beetles (specimens vary depending on stock, no frames are included). 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we offer Gift Certificates in multiples of £50 and Gift Workshop Vouchers for each of our workshops. Gift Certificates and Gift Workshop Vouchers are effectively Discount Codes that are redeemed at the end of check-out during the payment process. If more than one Gift Certificate is purchased a Gift Certificate for the total amount will be sent. Gift Workshop Vouchers will be kept separate. All certificates are sent via e-mail in PDF format and are valid for six months from date of purchase, each containing a unique booking / discount code

Is there any minimum time frame before the Workshop, for bookings?

Yes, workshop space cannot be guaranteed for workshops that start in less than 32 hours from the time of booking. In the event you will be issued with a workshop voucher and asked to rebook for a future date.

How to book a workshop?

Workshops tend to fill up quickly due to our small class size (maximum 6) and are booked on a first come first served basis. Booking a workshop is a simple two-step process.

  1. Select a workshop and preferred date
  2. Select one of the specimens available for your chosen workshop

Important: You need to buy both the workshop and one of the specimens available for your workshop. This is to ensure availability of stock and workshop space.

Step 1: Select your Workshop

  • From the menu select “Workshops”
  • Browse the list of workshops
  • Select your preferred workshop
  • Select your preferred date from drop down list
  • Click “Add to cart”
  • Click "Continue shopping"

Please take note of the workshop name. You will need this information to identify specimen available for your chosen workshop.

Step 2: Select your Specimen

  • From the menu select “Workshops”
  • Select the workshop preferred
  • Browse the list of specimens for your workshop
  • Select your preferred specimen
  • Click “Add to Cart”

The image below shows an illustrative example of what your cart will look like:


Each of our workshops is specifically tailored to a limited list of specimens of like difficulty and duration. As a result specimens are only available as part of dedicated workshops. This is to ensure highest quality tutoring and inpidual student support.

Workshop space and specimen stock is limited. Please ensure you have selected a valid combination of workshop and specimen of equal quantity.

How to use a Discount Code

  • Pick products
    Choose products that is eligible to work with the discount code you have.
  • Add the product to your Cart 
    Click the Buy button to add the product to your Cart.
  • Select Check Out
    Once your products have been added to your trolley, choose Check Out and continue through the PayPal Express Checkout Page.
      • You will be able to pay with your: 
        PayPal Account

        Debit or Credit Cards

      • IMPORTANT: You will NOT be charged at this point! Your discount will be applied as part of the next step of the payment process. 
      • Enter code 
        On the "Shipping & Payment" page click I Have a discount code? Enter it here enter the relevant promotion discount code into the box provided and click Apply.

        What happens once I've booked?

        Once a booking is received we will send you a confirmation e-mail containing any specific details you may need to know relating to your workshop within 24 hours.

        What can I expect from the class?

        Every student works on one specimen from skinning to mounting. Our classes will also teach you some basics in anatomy, taxidermy law and conservation. We can also tailor workshops to your own requirements. Our classes are designed to teach you the basic taxidermy techniques you need to know to ensure you can produce a simple preserved specimen using traditional methods. For intermediate or advanced students/techniques we recommend booking a private workshop.

        Where is the LTA based?

        The workshops are usually run from our space near London Bridge, SE1. Closest stations are Borough (Northern line) and London Bridge (Northern & Jubilee lines). We do not offer workshops in your own home but we do offer presentations and tailored workshops for companies or organised events.

        Do you have a Loyalty Scheme?

        Yes, past students are eligible for our Alumni Loyalty Discount Scheme of up to 25% off on selected ranges. In order to take advantage of the past student discount you need to have an account with the London Taxidermy Academy. This will enable our systems to recognise past students. You will have the option to create an account at the end of the checkout process. Alumni Loyalty Discounts may not be combined with any other discounts, or used on already deeply discounted promotions. 

        (*rounded illustrative examples)


        Can I change or cancel a booking?

        Yes, you are entitled to a 24hr 'cooling off' period following your booking to enable you to cancel or change your workshop booking. During this time you may contact us at admin@londontaxidermyacademy.com to let us know that you do not wish to continue with your booking, and we will refund your payment in full.

        We realize emergencies do arise, so we are offering a compromise and the opportunity to rebook your workshop for a Rebooking Fee in certain emergency situations such as car accidents, illness etc. Contact us at admin@londontaxidermyacademy.com  for details. Please note Rebooking is only available as an exception in emergency situations >>> Rebooking Fees 

        Beyond the 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period, all workshops and associated workshop specimens are non-refundable with the exception of cancellation on part of the instructor. We do not offer refunds as specimens are ordered from our suppliers and a tutor is booked upon receipt of your order. Should you be unable to attend you are welcome to transfer classes to someone else.

        Can I visit without appointment?

        Unfortunately not. We share our premises with other businesses and the London Taxidermy Academy occupies the premises during Opening Hours only (doors open 15min prior to workshop start). Please do not visit outside workshop hours or without prior appointment as staff on the premises will not be able to help.


        How to care for a mount?

        • Please give your piece ample time to dry/cure/harden. Three weeks should do it.
        • Remember that you need to prop your animal up and pose it (using books, wires, etc), otherwise it could end up looking like a lump. If you remove your pins and props too early, remember that you risk features like the paws/arms and ears wrinkling.
        • Do not allow your mount to dry in a humid area like a basement, kitchen, or bathroom. Bedrooms, dining rooms, closets, and living rooms on high shelves are your best bet.
        • The shape you pose your animal in is the shape in which it will dry. If your mount is not drying the way you would like it to, place something underneath or around it like a cup or some books.
        • Pets love to eat taxidermy, so plan ahead. Don't leave anything at a level where your cat or dog could chow down on it. Do not allow bugs near your taxidermy piece.
        • Prevent damage by using specialist products. Clean and preserve your mounts regularly to prevent any type of infestation.

        How do I book a private workshop?

        Please contact us at admin@londontaxidermyacademy.com or via our Contact Us Page for a quote.

        How many people are in a class?

        Our workshops may contain other students working on various specimens. We keep student numbers small (maximum 6) to ensure you will receive adequate personal attention which is vital to learn technical skills effectively. We strongly advise you to take this into consideration when looking into taxidermy workshops run by other companies around the city.

        How are the animals sourced?

        We are very strict with the sourcing of our stock and ensure each of our reputable suppliers works as ethically as possible. No animals were killed for use in our workshops. The London Taxidermy Academy upholds a strict no-kill policy and uses only animals raised for food or wildlife conservation / population management. We do not order stock specially to be supplied in bulk. Only A+ quality specimens are ever supplied to us. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS but always happy to consult with potential new suppliers.

        Can I buy specimens or supplies?

        No, unfortunately we cannot specimens. However, we are happy to put our students in touch with our own suppliers to ensure you get the best possible deals. The London Taxidermy Academy will not be responsible or liable for any services provided by third parties. We sell limited supplied through our online store.

        Can you source a specific specimen?

        No, unfortunately we cannot source specific specimens. All available specimens are listed in our webstore. We DO NOT work with exotic / protected species of any kind, nor do our suppliers.

        Can I bring my own specimen?

        No, we only work with animals from our own carefully selected suppliers for health and safety reasons and to ensure provenance and excellent quality.

        Can you facilitate commissions?

        The London Taxidermy Academy is happy to put you in touch with some of our trained tutors for an initial assessment of your commission requirements. Our tutors have worked for private individuals in addition to creating film/theatrical/music props for production companies. The London Taxidermy Academy will not be responsible or liable for any services provided by third parties.

        Other queries?

        Just contact us at admin@londontaxidermyacademy.com or via our Contact Us Page.